I’m loving.. Hips and Hair in Dujour Magazine

I am excited to report Hips and Hair has made it into another magazine. Dujour Magazine has really cool stuff that I think you guys would enjoy. The magazines are huge and you can get online subscriptions. This one I am looking at The Vintage issue has sooo many cool photoshoots and too many cute outfits to count. If you are a vintage lover you will die over this issue http://dujourmag.com/.You can find the Hips and Hair must have shirt here:http://yhst15777693753744.stores.yahoo.net/whmyhebldry.html. I love this shirt it is for sure one of my favorites it is very versatile. You can wear it with black or stonewashed denim, or add a high waisted skirt and make it girly. Add pearls and a sweater and it is hot hot. It is hot item and you better get your filthy hands on it soon because there is only a limited amount made and they are going fast.

In Dujour Magazine


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