Get Inspired.. Betty & Veronica From Archie’s Comics


I was a huge fan of Archie Comics for a good couple of years. When I came across a Bewitched Comic my mom had from when she was little back in the day I immediately wanted to start my own collection. Every time I would go to the grocery store I would pick up The Betty and Veronica Digest or Double Digest if I was lucky. The weird thing about Betty and Veronica was that they were best friends and they both dated the same guy at the same time.We know that shit would not go down in real life. Also Archie’s best friend was named JUGhead .. enough said.I guess you could say it was my break from magazines for a bit. I must have been in fourth or fifth grade but I still had that magazine addiction in me. I fell in love with the comics, you know those books you read like Harry Potter where you transform yourself into it that’s how I felt when I read Archie Comics. Betty and Veronica fighting over Archie never got old. I was so obsessed that I actually rented the movie, yes they made one, I only remember Lauren Holly in it. Reading these comics I  always remembered loving  their outfits, I know it’s a comic but seriously they had some hot stuff in there. There ‘s 60’s inspired looks like the wedges, the long dresses, the sex hair. The 70’s inspired bell bottoms, bikinis, flower shirts.Even 80’s inspired bright colors, and cropped tops.Veronica for those who don’t know what I am talking about reminds me of Victoria Beckham but teenager form. She has the best of everything from her rich daddy, and she is glamorous all the time. Betty on the other hand is like Reese Witherspoon, sweet, all american girl-blonde, kinda tomboy dressing… They are complete opposites think Ginger and Maryanne. Exact same idea.Anyways, I feel that they could be a great inspiration for a new fashion trend for summer.I’ll let you decide.. If you are a Betty or Veronica.

These shoes are hot! Actual Betty and Veronica comics used.

veronica1.jpg betty and veronica 90s image by wr2bam


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