I’m loving.. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy

Remember in middle school how cool Bath and Body works was. You got that basket and you went to town grabbing everything off the shelves because there ALWAYS was some kind of deal to get you to buy more. My mom and I would go in there all the time and by the time I was done everything smelt the same. I didn’t wear perfume to school I wore Love Spell mm hmm aha. Anyways, not to long ago my boyfriend and I went to Bath and Body works to get some massage oils. I haven’t stepped foot in one in at least 2 years and I couldn’t believe everything they have added. There was a whole section dedicated to candles now and a lot of the old scents I used to get were no longer there. But the best thing we came across was the Aromatherapy section. In heaven immediately, I wanted it all there were 4 main choices ones having to do with stress, energy, one with sleep and the other sensuality. For those of you that don’t know Aromatherapy is the practice of using plant oils to help your psychological and physical well being aka not being a pill popper and going the natural way to cure pain. Now it sounds crazy that smelling something or rubbing something on pressure points will take away pain but it does. We ended up getting a couple of products and one was the headache relief aromatheraphy stick for 10 bucks because we both get really bad headaches. They had a lot of others to choose from like sleep relief,cold and flu therapy,energy boost,mental clarity,crave relief and a mental clarity one. Anyways, we tested it out and it is amazing. Within at least an hour my headache was gone. I actually just rub it on my head, neck, temples, and wrists and avoid taking a pill all together. I really recommend you all to try it if you suffer from bad headaches and if you try any of the others let me know.



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