Do You love it? Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikini

Hot weather is coming fast and the only thing I like about it is the fact that I might get a tan if I am lucky, These days I’ve been looking like a pale gothic women and I hate it . I don’t think I’ve looked this white in years. I hate that when I was a kid I would get sooo dark without even TRYING it came naturally. Now it is such a process between sweating your ass off until you start seeing black circles to cancer scares. Getting a tan is such work. That is why when I get lazy I just get a spray tan they are the best honestly and a little tip if you are a student milk that because you get discounts at some places. Anyways, my filthy readers need some clue as to what bikinis they should be getting for their hot asses. I have the scoop to get you looking wonnndderrful( anyone seen Lost and Found.. Turtle?). Here is the a sneak of some  hotness:


This 40’s inspired pin-up girls swimsuits, they are hotter than ever. The high waist creates womenly curves and the impression of a tiny waist which we all loath for. Now for people with big asses like myself don’t venture into the two piece one because you are going to have the worst mom pants ass of your life and that is not cute. I would go for the one piece especially if you are a bit curvier because by putting the best high up it’ll look like you got a tiny waist going on. I would die if I found on like Miss Marilyn is wearing soo amazing and then add those wedges and you will be hotness on a stick.


                                                                    Cut it Bitches

Okay Cutouts totally hot and I think they are very different from the usually one piece. One pieces are usually fugly and matronly so I am really actually excited to see one pieces looking wearable and workable these days. The cutout is very sexy and I think flattering if you have a decent stomach because most of them cover that lower tummy flab and give the illusion of flatness. It is all about the illusion. The only problem with the cutout is BAD TAN LINES but if you are planning on wearing different cutouts for the summer it’ll work for you.

                                                                 Animal Prints

Feeling a little wild.Try animal prints I think they are hot hot hot. My favorite is zebra and leopard but becareful about the tacky factor so you don’t look like Peggy on Married with Children.I love this Betsey Johnson one it also has a mix of vintage in it which is fun.


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