Do you Love it?.. Carrie Bradshaw Style Icon.

I can’t believe I haven’t mention Carrie on here yet. I know everyone loves Sex and the City and usually I am really annoyed when a lot of people are obsessed with the same thing but Sex and the City is my one exception. It is truly an epic television show that will live on through the years. I have finally collected all the season dvds ( it was my mission for a while) and I probably watch them at least once a week and I am never sick of them. The writing is amazing, raw, and it serves as a voice for women. There is nothing off limits the most embarrassing things you can think of having to do with women is let out. From farting in front of your boyfriend while doing the dirty to weird sex antics it is aired in the open for you to laugh at. And of course there is the fashion, Patricia Fields that mastermind behind dressing Carrie has created a character besides itself-her clothing. We were lucky enough to see updated outfits in the new Sex and the City movie. There is such a cult following with these women’s fashions that when the movie came out people literally bought out everything that they wore in the movie. What I love about Carrie’s fashion is she would add a trend of the time but make it her own. She wore a crazy ass bird feather on her wedding day.Ya she wore some crazy stuff that only her little tiny body we all drooled over could pull off but that’s why I loved her. She made fashion her own which what hope we all can strive to do with ourselves. Fashion is our self expression and is what sets us apart from one another so express away. Here are some of my crazy Carrie outfits over the years and some funny clips for shits and giggles:

carriebradshawjackets.jpg image by fifthofapril


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