I’m loving.. Andrea’s Beau

I received an e-mail the other night from Andrea the women behind Andrea’s Beau.This is a company that is dedicated to beautiful accessories for girls and women, mainly hair wear.  She came across my post on headbands and wanted me to check out her stuff and I have to share it with my filthy readers.Her family’s fashion background exposed her to a world of color, textile trends, fashion houses and factory operations. She was inspired in 1986 by a old roll of French floral ribbon and hair decorations in women and girls in other countries. With this she decided to make something for her own hair, this is where her first creations came to be. Every piece is handmade by a team of women and they don’t outsource which is very rare these days. This story is inspirational, I really have some much respect for people who start a business by themselves. I think it requires an immense amount of passion and motivation. Overnight success usually doesn’t happen over night so it is something you must always work on and strive for. People who keep this goal in mind and keep true to themselves and the product they are selling will succeed I believe.If you are looking for new hot accessories for your hair I totally recommend checking out the website http://www.andreasbeau.com/shop-womens-hair-accessories.htm for some handcrafted pieces. There is something for everyone and they are the perfect gift for the women that has everything. They even have adjustable soft headbands because I don’t know about you but I can get a horrible headache from headbands sometimes that dig into the side of your head. They make me want to scream so an adjustable one sounds very lovely. These are some of my favorites:


Metallic Mesh Bow Headband

This one would look really cute in an Audrey Hepburn like updo

Silk Poppy Headband

This would be perfect with a long flowing dress, some wedges, and some wave sexy hair.

This one reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw total Chic


One thought on “I’m loving.. Andrea’s Beau

  1. I’m in love with these headbands! What an unusually gorgeous collection, and I can even afford them! Definitely snapping them up.

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