I’m loving .. my one of kind headband

I am loving headbands right now. I am sure you’ve seen the regulars like Paris and Nicole sporting them from time to time and I definitely think that they hot accessory for these next coming hot months.The thing with headbands is there are sooo many different ways to wear them.. probably more than you think. I personally don’t like my hair looking flat behind the band so what I did today was a poofy half up half down look which I do a lot and then I added the headband to it and it looked really cute. Actually yesterday I went to an event Bored LA put on that was down by USC. My boyfriend Jonathan does artwork along with his t-shirts(http://www.hipsandhair.com) and he had a couple of pieces there so we went down to support and check it out. While I was there I saw a girl setting out some headbands that caught by eye immediately. Each one was unique and beautiful in their own way and I fell in love. Plus 2 for 15 bucks you can’t beat it. Despite me being a poor women I had to have them so I bought one for myself and one for my mama for Mother’s day. Anyways, moral of the story if you are having a shitty hair day which happens and at the the worst times( bad hair=automatically not feeling cute) throw on a headband sex your hair up and you will be thanking me later filthy ladies. I promise it will transform that hot mess of a mane into beauty. The beauty of it also it that you can wear it any way that looks good on you. Maybe you look good with flat hair and if you do I am jealous but if you need that extra poof like me wear it around your head and spray spray spray. For extra hotness fake tan your face or wear sunscreen and get a natural one( I don’t want my filthy readers getting cancer).Here some inspiration: What Way Will You Wear It Filthy Lady?



Me and Mama and Me sporting our Bands.

 Flat or Sex it Up.


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