I’m loving.. Grease Lightning

I am a huge Grease fan it truly is a classic and I can watch it over and over without going mental. Well this past weekend, someone had mentioned they were watching Grease.I was happily reminded of the movie, I popped in the VHS and was happily satisfied. I must admit though Sandy’s transformation to a slut was one of the coolest makeovers documented. But probably my favorite character is Mary Marashino ( like the cherry) she carried herself with confidence and oozed sex appeal. As I was watching again I was inspired and thought these fashions really never went out. Look what we are wearing now the cropped leather jackets, the tight black leggings/liquid leggings, cigarette pants, peter pan collared blouses and probably the biggest trend still evident today is tight guy pants mm which I love. So Filthy Gorgeous Men reading listen up with the T- Bird Fashion. In regards to Grease there is also Grease 2 which in no way is as good as Grease 1 but still very entertaining. Michelle Pfeiffer was the hottest pink lady ever, she was too cool for school and too cool for Michael. Remember that really cheesy duet they have when she thinks the T-birds killed Michael ah too good. So I just wanted to share some inspiring looks for you to play around with. I am still betting on those Cat Eye Glasses to be back.. ” One of my diamonds just fell in my macaroni”. Ps. Grease is really dirty and sneaky.. I discovered Rizzo says to Danny in one scene ” Are you gonna flog your log”.

Pink Ladies-( Would give a boob to be one)


The T-Birds

Think :

-Black jackets

-Tight jean pants with a belt

-Jack Purcells

-Tight shirts

-Cutoff shirts


Classic Videos


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