Do You Love it? 2009 Costume Institute Gala

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala, which this year celebrates the exhibit “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion,” which examines how models projected and at times inspired fashion from 1947 to 1997. There was some truly beautiful outfits I must share with my Filthy readers. Everyone looked amazingly beautiful. A little off the subject I am reading a book called ” Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones and for anyone who loves fashion and wants a behind the look at the rawness of it all and the process designers so through to get their designs out there I recommend you treat yourself to it. The designer in the book which is based off of an actual designer that remains nameless gets her debut and acknowledgement in the fashion world from a up and coming actress who wears her dress to a premiere. If you aren’t aware of it celebrity relationships with designers are everything, they pretty much are priceless advertisement. They are the main reason people like you and me want want want what they are wearing. It is definitely a risk for a designer to lend a amazing creation to an actress who might not be that big. It could ruin their careers or instantly shoot them to the top. I found this event to be a perfect example of that relationship, everyone is in the hottest of the current top designers. I saw Rachel Zoe tweeting about how she was getting ready to dress some of her most famous clients for this event. So here is a little sugar for you to enjoy and a tease to make us die a little more to wear one of these.leighton meester met costume institute gala 2009 05

Miss Leighton from Gossip Girl in Louis Vuitton went a little on the riskay side with this ensemble. But she worked it, I am loving those shoes and how they wrap around the ankles must have for the summer, take notes. Also you notice this shape is going to be very popular with the big shoulders and hips jetting out to the sides.eva mendes met costume institute gala 2009 05

Miss Eva in Calvin Klein looked STUNNING. She has the most sexy eyes and I love how she rocks her curves all the time. This dress isn’t anything crazy she makes it that much more beautiful.

rihanna met costume institute gala 2009 04

Miss Rihana in Dolce and Gabanna was the talk of the night. Now sometimes she dresses borderline crazy/tacky but I must give her credit for rocking this with some attitude she had balls to strut this look on the red carpet with it being a suit. She  looks fierce.tyra banks met costume institute gala 2009 02

Tyra Tyra Tyra.. what the hell is on your head?? Props for trying to be a fashion setter but this is a little over the top but that is just Tyra for you… it’s always about being an attention whore.rachel bilson met costume institute gala 2009 03

Miss Rachel in Bally looked hot, I like how she changed up her hair a bit. I love Rachel’s style and although this isn’t a crazy gown it’s hot and she is workin it.

kate bosworth met costume institute gala 2009 05

Miss Kate in Stella McCartney, I fell in love with this. It reminds me of old Hollywood and back then  those were some of the best dresses I’ve ever seen. This is so classic and feminine and she is the perfect person to pull this off she reminds me of Kim Basinger in LA Confindential oo so sexy.

madonna 2009 met costume gala 05

Miss Madonna in Louis Vuitton.. okay yes I love Madonna, and yes she has an unreal body, her legs are like huge rocks attatched to a thigh. But Madonna you are 50 and I know you are trying to be a little slut like you were in the day but it is just starting to not fly. Now again she is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants but her days in hooker boots are  numbered..mary kate olsen met 02

Miss Mary-Kate in Christian Lacroix, now obviously Mary-Kate has total fashion individuality  this isn’t her best look but I think it is different and I get the look she is going for. I maybe would have liked to see her hair up possibly but none the less I wasn’t disappointed.ashley olsen 2009 met costume gala 01

Miss Ashley wore a design from her personal collection and although it is plain she makes it ooze with sex appeal. Again her and Mary-Kate really set their selves apart with fashion and I think this is very elegant and feminine.

kate moss met gala 05

Miss Kate in Marc Jacobs and accompanied by Mr. Marc himself I think looked Hot Hot Hot. She is classic looking.. will she ever age? I don’t know if it is that cat eye that I am in love with or just the way she made this dress tease us to no end. She is wearing a weird headpiece but unlike Tyra she is rocking it with full force only Kate could.

victoria beckham 2009 met costume gala 05

Miss Victoria/Posh Spice herself in Marc Jacobs. I was a little sad about this look, I am not really loving that train I think the dress could have been a lot cuter without it and I wish she wore something a little more elegant. I love those shoes though check out the shape of that heel. 


One thought on “Do You Love it? 2009 Costume Institute Gala

  1. Oh you filthy gorgeous fashion thing,
    Your comment about Madonna’s days being numbered in those hooker boots have brought me to the floor. Sorry I can’ t comment further. I’m trying to get my over 40 ass off the floor. Much love and laughs,

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