Do You Love it? 90210 Then & Now Fashions

Currently Channeling Beverly Hills 90210

Ive been a huge 90210 fan for a while, obviously I didn’t really get into the show till high school but I do remember watching the finale where Donna and David get married when I was in 6th grade. 90210 was on of the best young adult dramas ever made, although at times cheesy, you couldn’t drag yourself away from it. Be it Dylan McKay drawing me in with his beautiful face or Kelly overdosing I was hooked. The 90210 now I haven’t really gotten into, I gave it a chance and watched the premiere a while back but I wasn’t getting to into. Maybe I had too much love for the original or maybe I just think it’s just plain shitty but despite that I still thought that fashions were worth a look.I thought it would be fun to look at the 90’s 90210, the original and best complete with Dylan Mc Kay and Brandon Walsh vs. the 90210 now . The original 90’s has a lot of looks that I see coming around such has crop shirts, bright colors,jean jackets,leggings, lace,Doc Martins,jeans with holes,stone wash jeans pretty much that whole grunge look that  you see a dose of here and there. Then you have the new 90210 which has more updated looks of those fashions which is a perfect example of fashion coming full circle. My favorite new 90210 character dresser is Silver. I would say she is the trendsetter of the group and struts some cute looks. I especially liked looks in last Fall’s Nylon Magazine. So whether you loved the real 90210 of the 90’s or the one of the 2000’s or both I think we can all appreciate the fashion and how it can be given some credit for the fashions that are on the scene now.


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