Celebrity Addiction Fix: The Skinny

As you know a popular topic that goes hand in hand with celebrities is their weight. Everyone wants to know: What’s there secret ?How do they do it? I see countless magazines all the time with a least one heading about a celebrities weight whether they are getting big or just too small. I totally understand that it must be hard having your weight be in the spotlight and having to constantly worry about how you are looking but I feel there is also a responsibility to the fans and the young girls especially who look up to them. Ya it sounds dumb to look up to celebrities, but celebrities are our royalty we look to them to see what the new trends are and how to look that is just how it is. What makes me upset is to see such unhealthy girls parading around and making it look okay to be unhealthy. I mean you either have the extreme Lindsay who has just been skin and bones lately or Kim who struts her big ass around and takes unphotoshopped pictures to show off her body. I thought this week was a good time for me to talk about this on Filthy because there were a lot of weight stories in the news.

1. Lindsay Hohan- coming off her split from SaMANtha she is looking smaller and smaller everyday and she is loving it.  Now SaMANtha is a very very skinny so you see where Lindsay felt the pressure but she is just looking gross lately. Not only are her saggy boobs flying out of her shirts but she is just skin and bones walking around. Going to Hawaii and showing her body of to the paparazzi didn’t help either.

Lindsay Lohan Pictures: Lindsay Lohan SKINNY in a Bikini!

2. Rebecca Romijn and Tori Spelling- Rebecca is claiming she lost 60 pounds of baby weight in 4 months..wait for it.. DOING NOTHING. Please stop.. now you wonder why new mothers go crazy when they hear this. She says, “I think within the first three weeks, I took off like 35 lbs. without doing anything! I haven’t been able to work out that much because I have twins. It’s impossible to get back into a regular schedule.” But then she claims, “It’s like you have to eat 5,000 extra calories a day or you can’t produce enough food for them. So, that’s been fun as well.” Can she piss people off more? I have sympathy for new mothers who have to loose the weight. I mean you have a new baby who takes up your life and you are probably dead tired from taking care of them and on top of that you have to loose the 60 pounds you gained having them? Now celebrities can hire trainers and pay them to get them to that size. But real people don’t have that luxury. Yes, Rebecca could be naturally skinny and just be able to snap back to that weight but is that really possible to loose that all from your BOOB MILK? I mean unless you are carrying a crazy amount in those boobs of yours I highly see this as being healthy. She does have twins so maybe so. Then there is poor Miss Tori Spelling. I love Tori especially after watching her show, I think she is funny and a sweet person. But the poor thing has been looking so horribly unhealthy. Now here is someone who got too extreme after having her baby probably from fear of looking like a post preggers big mama.  I think that this was because she was bigger after her son was born and really big during the pregnancy. Then the next baby around you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. I am sure she was watching the episodes thinking omgosh I look huge. She said that she got scale obsessed her next time around with her second baby and called herself a beast which her son overheard and started calling her in front of her friends. I just hope she takes care of herself, and eat more of meal then what her kids don’t eat which she is quoted as her way of eating.

First Pregnancy/ Second

tori-spelling-pregnant-ugly-01-thum.jpg image by iwalani8

3. Ok Magazine Real Sizes Revealed- This was the most interesting article about weight that I came across this week. They actually tell you how much “they say” celebrities weigh. So someone has Ok Magazine is typing ballpark weights for celebrities and millions of women readers are looking at these, looking at themselves and there starts the unhealthy body images. I know this because I used to do it. You get so glued into their looks that you want to make yourself look like them. I’ve done every diet there is filthy readers from South Beach to even Jenny Craig and let me tell you what I learned.. they don’t work..for a long period of time. There is a slight amount of people who can maybe train their bodies to eat like this forever but for people like me who are on it for a couple of weeks and get over it and gain those lost pounds back it isn’t that easy. I am here to tell you I’ve lost about 12 pounds now.. NOT GIVING A SHIT ABOUT FOOD. Ya I said it! I stopped being consumed with calories, and working off the calories I ate. I stopped working out for 3 hours, because I would come home and eat everything in my house. When you worry about food and suppressing yourself that is when you don’t loose anything. I am not saying don’t workout and eat a bunch of junk food. I am just saying listen to the inner voice telling you when you are hungry and that will get you by. When you stop thinking about food the weight will come off I swear to you. Now I don’t even have much of an appetite I eat when I am hungry and the foods I want to eat. I still try to eat the healthy things but I don’t suppress myself of sweets. I work out 2 times a week at least and do abs or Pilates when I want to tone up. Give it a try and tell me how it works for you.I recommend reading Bethenny Frankel’s book ” Naturally Thin” for some inspiration.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt: 5′2, jean size 27
  • Tori Spelling: 5′5, jean size 25
  • Jennifer Aniston: 5′5, dress size 0/2, jean size 26
  • Halle Berry: 5′6, dress size 4
  • Mariah Carey: 5′9, dress size 6/8, jean size 29
  • Kim Kardashian: 5′2, dress size 2/4, jean size 26 or 27, 118 pounds
  • Eva Longoria: 5′1, dress size 0, jean size 24, 98 pounds
  • Jessica Alba: 5′7, dress size 0/2, jean size 25 (down from size 28 in August)
  • Jessica Simpson: 5′2, dress size 4, 122 pounds
  • Jennifer Lopez: 5′5, jean size 28
  • Brooke Shields: 5′11, jean size 29

4. Kim Kardashian Unretouched Photos- Okay here she is again talking about her weight. Yes Kim I am happy you have a butt you aren’t afraid to show off but stop please we get it. Now she was parading around on Life & Style showing her unretouched body, which looked alright. I just am getting annoyed with her ass being in the way of everything. 


One thought on “Celebrity Addiction Fix: The Skinny

  1. Fabulous post my dear. I agree with it all. The facination with weight is just too much in our society. If we could just be OK with being healthy and happy. So what if we can’t fit into those jeans from high school. Acceptance of ourselves, others and love for our bodies in whatever shape it is leads to true happiness. Thanks for sharing.

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