I’m loving..Two Toned Hair

I get super bored with my hair and when I’m in these times of poorness I just don’t know what to do to change it up. I came across a Two Toned Hair article in one of magazines and I really loved it. I am a bit afraid to try it myself but I think the look is fun and fresh. Now there are definitely extreme versions of this which I think are super tacky so I don’t suggest them. I instead say go for brown hair with some golden lights at the bottom, the craziest I would get would be brown hair with a little blonde underneath. The trick is to not overkill it or you will look like a skunkity skunk skunk. Here’s some examples:

What To Do:

Ciara’s is about as extreme as I would get.

Megan’s is pretty natural looking.

Gina’s is probably my favorite.. just right.

What Not To Do:

Horrible..Horrible…Horrible Trash

Control That Mane Raven!


3 thoughts on “I’m loving..Two Toned Hair

  1. me personally i like the wild two toned hair color and styles. to each his own and you gotta respect that.

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