I’m loving..5 Make Me Trendy

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses- I am not a huge fan of the round ones that are popular now.I think they look like a little old man creeper. The cat eye on the other hand I am seeing emerge a little bit. I love them they are sexy,mysterious and retro. 

2. Dancewear- I’m sure you took ballet lessons or were a dancer at one time in your life. Well then you know all about ballet flats that have been on the scene for a while. But i just came across this batch of tie around your ankle and they are so femininely delicious. Ah I really want them. If you are lucky enough to get some with some length pair them with some cropped jeans. If you aren’t too into the ballet idea, get some some wedges that tie up your ankle.

3. Stacked heel- i love love love it. I can’t walk in heels so if you are like me this is a great alternative to give you some height without having to put your feet through hell. I think these are so cute with long dresses or even shorts if you dare.

4. Bring back that fanny pack- Do you remember those fanny packs?I must tell you my Gma totally sported one around complete with keychains the whole shabang, she loved that fanny. Well they are back and better then ever. But instead of being boring and shapeless, I am happy to report they are so versatile these days. From small coin purses made into fannys to square shape shapes. These are perfectly functional if you are sick of carrying that big ass purse of yours around. Get one that will fit you and show off your personal style.

5. The Poetress Blouse and Peter Pan Collars- These are perfect cute shirts to sport during these next hot months. The poetress I love for it’s bow around the collars. I am a sucker for those, they make your look casual with a touch of sophistication. The Peter Pan collar is feminine and reminds me of my catholic girl “dressy” uniform in Elementary School. I actually saw the exact brand of my old dressy uniform shirt at a vintage shop, I thought that was pretty funny. Anyways, if you are looking for a little classier top or a sophisticated touch to your ensemble grab one of these.  

Peter Pan Collar

Poetress Blouse


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