I’m loving.. Some Style Inspiration

Over the pass weeks of posting on Filthy I’ve given you guys some forecasting on what trends I find to be hot and up and coming. To give myself some credibility I decided to search for looks using the trends I told you about. This should help you get some outfit ideas and to believe that Filthy is here to serve your fashion needs. I always found some other random things I loved and I think you will love to so I threw them in here also. Enjoy and trust that I am not bullshittin you mama.

Marc Jacobs Bow Gladiator Sandals in Black

What would you do for these Marc Jacobs Gladiator Sandals?

Ashley shopping in LA , April 2009

Here’s Miss Ashley Olsen with the perfect example of those hot rolled jean shorts I was talking about.At Cafe Med in Hollywood, April 28, 2009

Perfect example of the Jean jacket and also imagine she’s wearing a floral dress and you got another outfit to put in your back pocket. Those boots are Marc Jacobs by the way if you were wondering.

Meeting at Warner Bros. Studios, April 15, 2009

Miss Lohan rocking those stonewash denim’s the right way.

Nicole Richie at Byron & Tracey Salon, April 8, 2009

Nicole sporting a very cute ballerina bun.


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