Music to my ears.. Silversun Pickups

This band has been all the rage lately and usually I am not that into bands like that but this band is worth a listen on filthy. Silversun Pickups are catchy, I’ve realized every song is different and it’s a guy singer??! I was surprised to find that out, but when the girl sings it is quite amazing. My favorite song by them is Panic Switch. It sums up my favorite kind of music and reminds me a lot of Garbage who I love and I am always looking for bands that sound like them. It’s just a hot song you must listen. It will definitely get your ass moving at the gym. I guarantee you will be ADDICTED. Listen now and tell me your thoughts. Other songs worth a listen are Little Lovers so Polite, Well Thought out Twinkles, and Kissing Families( you can hear the girl a lot in it)


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