Do you Love it? Style Icons Mk and Ash

img_02121Mary-Kate and Ashley are probably my first celebrity girl crushes and the first celebrities I remember liking and being so influenced by. I’m sure like you all like me grew up watching the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. Full House is the first tv show I remember watching, I think I was 3 or so. I’ve always been obsessed with them, and honestly whose not. They are the definition of cool chicks, they have an amazing sense of original style and how the hell do they get their hair too look so cool and messy(it isn’t a certain hair iron that has to be a lie). I remember the first movies that were my favorite being “Double, Double, Toil in Trouble” and ” To Grandmother’s House We Go”. My sister and I watched those over and over. We even dressed alike to pretend we were the Olsens..shh.Obviously also the actual Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen series, all the way up to my favorite Holiday in the Sun seriously really good. Not to mention cute boys and a cameo by Miss Megan Fox circa the 90’s( ya she was still hot).  We grew up with these girls and now that they are their own independent trend setters, I have to give them a spotlight on Filthy. Do they wear sometimes weird bum like outfits? Yes. But the fashionable thing about them is they make them work and they aren’t following fashions they are making them and that is what a true trendsetter is. So Solute to Miss Mary-Kate and Miss Ashley Olsen.Thank you for making us all so envious of you both.

ashley.png image by london--rose



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