Celebrity Addiction: Lindsay HoHan talks Breakup

I wish I could put shit tons of celebrity gossip but I would have to be chained to my computer. So instead, I just want to bring you the news that is the best of the best and will give you your fix.

Starting with Miss Lindsay Hohan, someone who is never far from the celebrity radar. This girl has drama written all over her, which makes her a perfect part of celebrity news. Right now she is hot on her game from her breakup with The Manson Ronson which I hope you all of have heard about. Lindsay has been talking about this for weeks now which I find so celebrity whore of her. I don’t understand when celebrities complain about the paparazzi and gossip magazines, all to turn around and use them for publicity. It is a love hate relationship no doubt and Lindsay is playing ring leader on this one. I still don’t understand if she is a lez, a bi, or what because there are rumor of her now wanting the peeny. But regardless, she obviously is in love with this Manson Ronson and is not only going to be a crazy ex bitch but is going to make sure everyone knows about it. Fresh off the break up as in one day, she called US weekly and explained her side of the story. The same week she did a funny or die mocking rumors about herself and the break up and now she recently just went on Ellen to blab about it again. The funny thing is she wants to focus on her career but doesn’t she get that people no longer know her for her acting( Parent Trap, Freaky Friday when she was only know as actress lindsay) instead she’s being perceived by the gossip magazines and her own craziness she’s chosen to the share with the world. Lucky for us the dirty the dirty the better  so with that here’s the super juicy clip of her on The Ellen Show. Ps. Lindsay if you want to get your “career” on track quit living off of cigarettes and eat some Ice Cream like a recently broken up person would. Notice how she is starting to sound like a MAN.


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