I’m loving…Hot Days with Hot Hair

Since this week has been teasing us with Summer Hotness, I decided to do a little predicting as to what is going to be hot when summer comes rolling around. Here’s some amazing Hairstyles to play around with Filthy Readers.

 Hair Wise- 60’s Hair is making a comeback and I couldn’t be more excited. Like in my sex hair post the 60’s was full of volume and teasing. Teased Beehives along with slightly messy chignons will be hot and fun to recreate. I plan on definitely playing with this idea. I will make a beehive I have to, I’ve always wanted to even if I have to deal with the night mare of taking that shizz down.  Remember twists well those are coming back and they are so feminine,natural and  beautiful. A perfect alternative to the braid trend going around right now, twists are fun and you can do so much with them. Along with hairstyles coming back is the ballerina bun and HIGH buns both a classic for me. I think I wore my hair in a ballerina bun for a good two years of my middle school days. I did get pretty damn good at making those buns and that’s when I had hair down to my arse(ass in english love it). High buns I have been sporting since I could remember, I love themm. I think they are sexy and fun they could be messy or clean and during these next hot months help take some of that heat of your mane.Now if you want to get really crazy try the Marie Antoinette, with high cloud like volume and much creativity  you can strut it around. It for sure is harder to pull off but go out of your comfort zone and give it a try.





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