Do You Love it? Who Wears Short Shorts?

Hot weather means less clothes and busting out those skirts and shorts but as you know every season comes with new trends and looks and I am here to help you get on with it.We will start it off with Short Shorts, now I am hoping all my filthy readers aren’t filthy sluts whose idea of short shorts is basically tight underwear. By Short shorts I mean sophisticated show off those stems short. These shorts have a vintage flair to them, along with a bloomer kind of look. I am already seeing that rolled shorts are going to be a big trend for these hot months to come. Another shorts choice are pajama shorts. Varied in waist construction ranging from self belts to elastic waistbands with light summer weight fabrics, are a new way to dress up your shorts and keep yourself cooled off. I think these are very 40’s and very feminine I really would be excited to see these around. For your everyday denim shorts, go for a loose,relaxed rolled look with a gray or white long shirt and a little cardigan.



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