Do You Love it: Style Icon: Miss Cher Horowitz

I can’t sleep because it’s hot which is making me angry so I’m going to enlighten you filthy readers with some fashion. As you may or may not know, Clueless holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it my favorite movie but it has been a huge inspiration for me as a fashion lover. Cher was probably the first person to influence me fashion wise. If anyone remembers me in fifth grade, I was a “short” girl who wrote with a “cher”pen and totally tried to play up our Catholic girl uniform complete with knee highs and wanna be mary janes. I even remember wearing combat boots with my knee highs and fluffy accessories in my hair. Cher’s fashion is classic to me, which was Mona May, the costume designer on the show’s main goal of the outfits. She wanted ever piece to be ahead of it’s time and to have a classic twist that could always be revived. The best thing about going to Catholic school was being able to dress like Cher every day because as you know plaid was one of the basics of every outfit as it was in our uniforms. If your still at Catholic school, pull a Cher and give a hot twist to your outfit. But for those of us who can’t parade around in the slut skirts no more, use pieces of Cher’s clothing to add to your own ensembles. I see the Doc Martins coming back soon which was also a hot shoe at the time and that could be pretty exciting considering I was never fortunate to have a pair. I’ll keep you posted bitchesCher HorowitzCher in action


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