Celebrity Addiction: The Dirty and Not so Dirty at Coachella

I’m sure there were a shit ton of people at Coachella this weekend. Sucks for them that it was probably hot as shit there because it was like 90 today. I don’t really think I’d be too excited to be around all those people and on top of  it. I’m positive it smells disgusting and you would feel your dirtiest ever. Luckily those of us who didn’t go missed a good crowd. PS. Paris Hilton caught smoking, not that it’s a secret but it’s raw for celebrity gossip because as you know what they don’t want you to see is the best to see.

1. David Hassle my Hoff- Can I be embarassed a little that I’ve met him. He gave my sister his cd and it was horribly fantastic. He looks like a walking talking filthy douche and whose the hoe with him. She has no one’s permission to be sporting around that top especially at her age. Even if she was hot at her age, no, no and no.


2. Kate Bosworth- Hey I like Kate, thank God she’s there representing some fashion. I pretty much put this because she’s eating and that’s rare to see. Eat it Kate.

3. Jared Leto-Is that YOU? I kinda want to cry that he looks like Charles Manson. Why Jared Whyyyy?? I don’t understand when guys who are gifted with looks try to look ugly. It’s a travesty.

3. Miss Paris Hiton- Okay Paris I love you but right now your not on my good side. You have been toying around with Mr.Doug Douchehardt ( nice shades) and what is that fake braid around your head?But now we know your secret as to why you are so skinny. Thanks Doug for lighting her ciggy.

4. Dita Von Teese- I love Dita, now here’s a women who has her own individual style and rocks it quite nicely. Now it is so crazy not to see her in Louboutins because she’s the type of person that probably sleeps in them. 

5. Reese and Jake- Here’s a cute couple. Although I was really sad her and Ryan didn’t work out. But as you know she’s with Jake now who is  just as good as Ryan if not better yaummm. Anyways, I purposely put the one where just Jake’s face is showing for the Filthy Ladies



One thought on “Celebrity Addiction: The Dirty and Not so Dirty at Coachella

  1. it looks like donthasselthehoff is with angie everheart. josie grosie. and it looks like paris is preggers.

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