Spring into the Fashions.

I can’t wear heels,I like to look at them but can’t walk in them at all. The first 15 minutes I can be fine and after that 15 min time line I am spent and start walking like I am crippled. My friends know of this from all the dances, I was always the first person to take my heels off, just before leaning on my date prior. This is why I love FLATS. Lately, I can’t find cute flats and the other day I came across TOPSHOP’s website. You think H & M is amazing well you haven’t seen TOPSHOP. Fashionable, cheap, unique is Topshop and they just opened one in the states so now you can order from the site. I highly recommend going on there and looking at there stuff you won’t be disappointed. Obviously Spring means breaking out the shorts and skirts, which with my white legs, I’m not ready for. Spring colors I am loving right now are lime green, I know sounds gross but it’s actually compliments some colors nicely. Forever 21 has a line called twelve by twelve another amazing line that got me into the color. Play with bright colors: Orange, Pink and Yellow. I also am LOVING stud belts that add an edge to maybe a feminine look you’ve created. Steal these looks.


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