I’m loving..Girl Power


Hips and Hair just got in a magazine called Dujour Magazine. I haven’t heard of them before so I was excited to explore their site and see what they are about. I was very impressed with there website and everything they had to offer. They had beautiful photo shoots and an overall feminine and vintage look. They were fresh and had lots of creative fashion looks.I definitely recommend you check out their website if you love fashion,art and beauty(www.dujourmag.com).Look for Hips and Hair in the new issue.

Another magazine I went to check out is Format magazine an urban art magazine I wasn’t aware of. It is actually an online magazine stationed in Canada. It has a lot of popular labels and interesting posts that grabbed my attention. Cross your fingers that Hips and Hair will be featured soon. I came across an article about a clothing company called Dime Piece. I fell in love, it was a total girl power clothing company. I was hoping they had a store around but sadly they don’t. But you can purchase their shirts on their website. I especially loved how they incorporated a lipstick in their logo. I loved their 80’s revival shirts and a node to Barbie’s 50th with a tank top full of shaved barbies. I though it was totally original and hot. Here is there store check them out:http://www.dimepiecedesigns.com/store/


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