Do you love it: Polka Dots.

Jump on this.. Polka Dots. I know they are juvenile, and your thinking why polka dots? Well they are coming back girls. I am sure you can think of a dress you had when you were little that was polka dots. I had a black and white polka dot one, wasn’t cute. Anyways, Polka dots, I get it they are kind of classic in their own way. They kinda have a 20’s vibe to them which is kinda fun. I think the polka dots that look great are ones that are on a sheer kind of material and that are small polkas,big polka dots don’t. I found some cute ones that I think will help you get the idea, it’s not really black polka dots on a white background, but more of little ones on maybe a background like pale pink or black background with white dots. Try it out, play it up add some pearls and a vintage broach perhaps.


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